Browar wewn膮trz.

Participate in our Homebrewers Project!

18 April 2019

We would like to invite talented homebrewers, who would like to show their beers to Polish and international market, to cooperate with us and create something that will last forever under the Browar Rockmill brand.

Our idea is to present and least one beer from one homebrewer per month. Of course if the cooperation goes well, and more new ideas shall come up, we are more than eager to extend the level of it and start working with a selected homebrewer/s on a normal basis. Those who stay permanently, apart from salary, will have a chance to be a shareholder in Browar Rockmill.

So, are you brewing?
Having some interesting thoughts and ideas?
Don’t wait, participate!

Contact us via e-mail, write a couple words about yourself, what are your favourite styles, what did you achieve on the homebrewing field, what the experience in creating recipees is. Be prepared to send us some samples after we reply and verify your data.

The contact adress is:, or if you prefer, you can contact us on Facebook Browar Rockmill


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