New Brewmaster in Browar Rockmill!

15 July 2019

You keep asking about our new brewmaster – yes, we have one! 馃檪 It’s a great pleasure to announce that Pawe艂 Niemc joined our team. The same Pawe艂, which you’ve had a chance to meet during our cooperation with Event Horizon – Homebrewers Project 3rd beer.

Pawe艂 is an embodiment of a pure strenght of character, honed during 10 years of working in te sea. Being a Senior Officer in Maritime Search and Rescue Service, he takes part in many rescue missions and actions that lead to better security at Baltic Sea. And as it turned out, he’s a hidden gem when it comes to brewing. He sent us couple of his beers a few months ago, all of them suprisingly well developed. His constant drive to finding new routes in already existing styles perfectly fits into our philosophy.

While brewing, Pawe艂 is extremely professional, has an amazing feeling and understanding of brewing processes, and his knowledge about chemistry and components is mindboggling. His beers are balanced and drinkable to the core. We tested each other while making Event Horizon, 3rd beer of our Homebrewers Project. Then he presented us with samples of other, equally interesting beers, which were so delicious, we didn’t have to think very long about a solid cooperation. Moreover, he lives in Tricity area, so there are no obstacles for this cooperation to be really close and direct.

And so, apart from Event Horizon, Pawe艂 proposed and realised the idea of Fresh Vision, a very complex DDH Belgian IPA. His second beer: GREAT BRUT is the first out of the whole series of beers which share the main motive and common qualities. Apart from summer refreshment, which indicated lightness and mouthful of fruity aromas, the labels were created in cooperation with well-know artist from Sopot – Magdalena Jankowska (

In just 2 weeks we are releasing another new beers, all of them created by Pawe艂, but this time in a different brewery. We’ve started working with ReCraft brewery, and we already know that this cooperation will be fruitful and quality of beers is going to be even higher than it already is. So, ask around in pubs and shops, cause the new wave of hoppy, summer flavours is coming. You can see more in our new promotional video;)

To sum up – lots of changes happened in Browar Rockmill: New Bremaster, group of fantastic homebrewers, new production brewery and headquarters in Gda艅sk! It’s on!

We promise not to be boring or fall into cliches:)


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