Homebrewers Project #3 Beer Release!

22 June 2019

Another month, and another beer is leaving our tanks, thanks to cooperation with another homebrewer. Summer is coming so we opted for something light, hoppy, aromatic and drinkable. The effect of this work is st Event Horizon – TDH Hazy Pale Ale, extremely fresh and aromatic. The recipe has been created by Paweł Niemc, with whom we’ve done a quick interview about homebrewing in general and our project.

Paweł, when did you start your adventure with homebrewing?

I’ve been homebrewing for almost 2 years, counting from the first beer ever made by me. Before, the entire production process was almost like alchemy or magic to me. But i’ve got inspired by a show “Lifetramp”, in which the main hero, completely not involved in anything beer related, became a brewer in Wąsosz brewery. He ended up becoming very good homebrewer. Then the lightbulb went on: “Can you really make beer at home”? I started with some manual, then spent the next 3 months reading a lot of Polish and international beer portals. When i felt ready, i bought the simplest homebrewing kit and made my first beer. The joy and satisfaction i felt was absolutely priceless. I got suckedd in!

How many batches have you made so far, and what’s your favourite beer style?

I’d estimate around 50 batches. I’ve developed my homebrewery in a pretty quick manner, and been brewing around 2-3 batches a month for a longer time. What styles? Hmmm, i don’t think i’ll be original. Most of them are new wave beers, but i don’t stray away from classics. My favourites are Pils, New England IPAs but also succint beers like Barleywine or RIS. I’m a big fan of peated beer as well.

Where the idea for Event Horizon came from?

I was thinking about a low ABV beer, without any loss in taste and aroma. Something perfect for hot, summer days. When it was ready, I heard the news that Rockmill is inviting homebrewers to cooperate with them. The decision was really quick! I mean, it would be really cool to see your name on the bottles of one of the biggest players in the Polish craft beer market and show my skills to beer lovers all over Poland. I’ve sent a couple of bottles, we’ve had our talks… and here i am!

How is it different to brew in a commercial brewery, comparing to homebrewing?

You can’t use the 1:1 ratio while brewing commercially, it’s just not going to work properly.. Michał Kordek, Browar Bytów Headbrewer’s experience is highly noticeable, and his help with a huge dose of patience was priceless. And we needed that, in order to pamper this commercially made beer like it was made at home. The result is very satisfying, so big thanks to Michał and whole Rockmill crew for this cooperation. It was a fantastic experience!

Thank you so much Paweł. We felt a lot of joy and pleasure, working with you and we are happy with the final result too.


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